Home Improvements – What are Attic Ladders?

Attic ladders, basically, are ladders used for reaching the attic. These are different from regular ladders since they need to be retractable and should have the feature to be hidden if needed.

In most houses, especially in small homes, attics are important part of the house – whether as storage or sometimes, it’s also turned into a loft or a small room.

Because attics are useful, they should be accessible enough. Installing attic ladders are often timed with home improvements so home owners don’t have to go through the hassle of moving things around again.

Home Improvements – Before You Buy Attic Ladders

Most homeowners prefer buying a kit and installing attic ladders on their own. That shouldn’t be a problem, if you know what you’re doing.

Here are some things to keep in mind before deciding to install attic ladders by yourself:

Time frame – If you’re lucky, it shouldn’t take you more than three or four hours to install the attic ladder. However, if this is your first time doing home improvements on your own, expect to spend at least the weekend on the project.

Location – Attic ladders should be very easy to fit between existing framing in the ceiling. You just have to enlarge the frame a little and then install the ladder. However, sometimes you also need to cut and frame a new access opening in order to install the ladder.

Length – You have to make sure that your ladder is long enough to perfectly reach the floor. Otherwise, you have to work with an entirely new ladder kit. You also have to consider the weight of the person going up the ladder. To make sure, base the strength of the attic ladders you’re going to buy on the heaviest person in the house.

Material – Attic ladders come in different materials such as wood, steel and aluminum. The most preferred types are wood and aluminum.

Home Improvements – Should I Install my Own Attic Ladders?

This depends highly on your skills. If you’re handy at this kind of things, there should be no problem. However, if you want the installation to be hassle-free on your part, I highly suggest hiring a home improvements professional to do it. This way, you free yourself of a thousand things like what material to choose, taking measurements, etc.