Home Renovation Project

The recent economic slump may have changed how most people spend their money, but it didn’t stop them from renovating their homes. A lot of homeowners remodel their houses in order to feel more comfortable in their abode or to increase the value of their properties. This makes investing on a home renovation project a smart thing to do. When the real estate market turns around, you can get your investment back or sell your house to get a better one.

Home Renovation- Ideas that can add value to your home.

1. Install Skylights

If you want to generate natural light, there are few options. The most common solution to this is to add a lot of lighting which can be prohibitively expensive and a huge power waster. If you prefer natural light there are obvious problems. Short of changing the angle of the site (or just moving house), what can you do? An often overlooked but very practical solution is to install a skylight – as even the darkest of rooms will have a great source of natural overhead light: the sun.

Skylights are a wonderful way of opening up an internal room that would otherwise have no light, increasing the natural light in a slightly dark room, creating an interesting view, letting out condensation from a bathroom, or letting in fresh air. They can also be a great energy saver, as you are able to inject light into a room without putting in more electric lights.

2. Make more space

A dark and cramped house is not likely to attract many potential buyers. If you have small rooms in your house that blocks natural light, you may want to knock down some walls and open up your floor plan. An open floor plan many involve combining the dining room, living room and the kitchen into one big space which is very suitable for a casual lifestyle. This will give a small house a light and airy feel and the illusion of having a bigger living area. It is also good for families with children because it allows parents to keep an eye on their kids while preparing for dinner. If you do not want to tear down walls, you can widen doorways by 6 to 12 inches.

Home Renovation Budgets

With the instant availability of loans, many people sign up for them while planning to renovate their homes. It is an expensive affair, usually; though it depends on the work you are getting done. There are provisions to speed the procedure if you need to get it done sooner than usual. The addition of $100,000 to $300,000 would help if the extreme renovations need to be done within a matter of five to six months.

But, if you are planning to restrict yourself to smaller renovation, it would be a lot less expensive.