What are Roof Windows?

Roof windows are actual, operable windows that are incorporated into the roof instead of the wall, like regular windows. Often confused with skylights, roof windows are actually bigger, making it possible for the people inside the house to enjoy a wider view of the sky outside. Also, skylights are usually stationary, unlike roof windows which can be opened and closed according to the owner’s needs.

The Many Advantages of Roof Windows

There are actually many benefits to having roof windows installed. Some people think that this kind of windows is only for aesthetic purposes, but they can’t be more wrong.

While roof windows can look really grand, they have other purposes as well.

Roof windows can either be opened manually or through the use of a motor, allowing light and air to come in. This is really helpful during the summer, where it’s hot and humid outside as well as inside the house.

Because you can let natural light come inside the house, having this kind of windows installed will also allow you to save electricity because you won’t have to turn on the light until later in the evening.

Now, roof windows are not only useful during summer. Even in winter, where it’s really cold outside and homes need heaters in order to keep warm, this kind of windows can be very useful too.

How? Roof windows can actually help keep the warmth inside, so you don’t need to have the heater on full blast all the time.

If you have a certain look that you want for the house, roof windows come in many different looks. Aside from the usual clear glass most homeowners prefer, they also come in tinted, glazed and double-glazed to suit different needs and wants.

Having Roof Windows Installed

Roof windows are excellent to alternatives if there are not enough materials to cover the entire roof. They are also great for places where conventional lighting is inconvenient to install such as houses with really high ceilings.

If you’re still on the planning stage of having this type of window installed, I suggest doing it while you’re at you’re at your home’s renovation. This way, you don’t have to bring in the materials and then clean up again.

For installation price quote, there should be a roof window installer near you area that you can contact. I’m sure they’re more than happy to provide you with one.