What is Under Floor Heating?

Under floor heating is a system installed under the floor to control the temperature of the room.

This system uses one of two different systems – the electrical resistance or “electric systems” and the fluid flowing in pipes or “hydronic systems”. Either of these two systems can be used as the main system for a whole building or it can also be installed as localized floor heating for thermal comfort.

Under floor heating can be installed under concrete floor slabs or attached directly to a wood sub floor. Under floor heating is the best idea if you are planning for a home renovation.

Why Under Floor Heating is Recommended

Under floor heating has a lot of advantages. Probably the biggest advantage is that it allows you to enjoy the luxury of warm floor during cold winter mornings. If you’ve ever tried convectional heating, you know that this type of heating system warms the room from up to down. Since the floor is the last area to be reached by the warm air, it’s less warm than the area above.

Under floor heating also increases the value of a house. If you’re planning to sell your house in the future, installing under floor heating now will not only let you enjoy warmer floors but it will also increase the total value of the property.

Now, we know that everybody can’t afford the luxury of space. With the current times, space has become more of a luxury and a necessity, with space becoming more and more expensive. An under floor heating system will free your house of bulky heating machines, allowing you to use the space for more practical uses.

The Biggest Advantage of Under Floor Heating

Personally, the biggest advantage of under floor heating for me is that it warms the floor, thereby warming the whole room more effectively. Think of it this way, other types of heating warms the room from up to down, thereby effectively heating the ceiling (upper part of the room) but not the floor. Nobody can reach the ceiling when they walk, so the warmth there is just wasted. With under floor heating, it warms the floor first. Your feet touch the floor when you walk, so the heat there is properly used. Even though it won’t effectively warm the upper part of the room, it’s okay because as mentioned, nobody’s head will get to touch the ceiling anyway.